Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas, Birthday and Snowstorm

Here are the pics from Christmas morning and then Lincoln's 6th birthday celebration!

Daddy read their new book Super Why, the Night Before Christmas on christmas eve in their new pajamas.

Linc woke up to a new bike and Bekah got a slide.

Lincoln also found a note by the cookies from Santa thanking Lincoln for them.

Lincoln's dance over Grandma Joyce's present to him.

Bekah got a Super Why wand.

Annie got her PlayStation 3!

Bekah got a cute puppy from her cousins Lexi and Brynn.
It was a great Christmas and the kids had lots of fun with all their new toys!

Only a week later we then celebrated Lincoln's 6th birthday! While I took the kids to get their Happy Meals for lunch, Daddy decorated the house for Linc! It was awesome!

Making a wish.

Blowing out his candles.

All Lincoln wanted for his birthday was "cake, candy and balloons." A reference from his new favorite movie Monsters and Aliens! So he got cake, candy and a lot of balloons, most of which are still floating around our house.

He loved all the presents he got from his cousins, Riley, Connor, Lexi, Brynn, and Trevor, thanks guys!

He also got Sid the Science Kid movie from Papa and Amma!

And Diego coloring book and markers from Grandma Joyce and Papa John.

Linc had a great birthday and has put all of his presents to good use as school has been canceled this week because of our latest snowstorm.

Here is how much snow we have had fall. I'm sure our friends in the west will appreciate how funny it is that school was closed over this snowstorm!

It has been a couple days from that first picture and the snow is still falling, see how much has been added! The grass actually has a little snow now.

It has also brought the deer to our backyard frequently to eat. These next few pictures you can play Spot the Deer! Good luck, they blend in really well.

That has been our winter so far! How is yours?


Anne said...

It looks like Linc had an aweome b-day!! I love how school was canceled for sooooo much snow, it reminds me of the good old days in NC!!!! Hey Jenn what is that picture of on your wall behind the couches?

Jenn said...

It is a picture of a road srrounded by trees on the sides and overhead. It is really pretty!

Church was canceled too!

Jen Howick said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! Looks like it was a super fun Christmas and birthday!!! Fun times! We miss you!