Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Time

Okay I finally have some free time to update the blog with all of our fun Christmas Adventures with Seth's family. But first, we have pictures of the Down Syndrome Christmas party we went to. Lincoln had fun and got to sit on Santa's lap.

They had some games set up for the kids to play. Here Linc and Bekah are bowling.

The chairs had wheels on them so Bekah liked Daddy to push her around. And notice Seth's cool new beard. He surprised his parents so I haven't been able to post any pictures of him for awhile. I love the beard!

And of course Santa himself showed up.

Bekah will do anything for candy, including sit on Santa's lap!

Cute Christmas pictures in front of our cute little tree.

Seth took his parents to the National Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Dan was in heaven.

We also took them to the cool tour at the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg. It was the warmest day they were here.

Doesn't Linc look like E.T. in Annie's jacket.

With Jack Daniels.

One night we went It to the Gaylord Hotel. It consists of four different atriums inside the hotel and they had them all decorated for Christmas.

This is inside the hotel.

And this is outside the hotel.

Next time I will post pictures of Christmas morning and Linc's sixth birthday! Happy New Year!


Anne said...

Seth looks good with a beard! Do you like kissing him with a beard? Trevor wants Linc's train sweater. He told me to go buy him it. He is obsessed with trains right now!

Tom and Alison said...