Saturday, April 24, 2010


Bekah got some cowboy boots at Easter from Amma, Papa and Annie. It took her a couple days before she wanted to wear them but now that is all she will wear. No more Dora tennis shoes for her, no way, it is all cowboy boots! She looks so cute in them though. Here are some pictures of her playing in her favorite spot in our yard. Don't forget to check out her boots!

Bekah loves sticks.

So does Maggie, although she likes to chew on them.

Seth and I (though mainly Seth) have been building a fence in the lower portion of our yard for Maggie. We have one side down so far, minus the gate of course.

Seth also built a cool fireplace!

Our cute little Maggie.

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Janene said...

Jenn, your backyard looks so fun! Love the boots too. :o)