Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, we did it. We bought ourselves a little puppy! It was not supposed to happen until we got a fence up next year. But here is the story, some of you have heard it so skip ahead to the pictures.

Seth came home last Thursday all excited and said he did something that he didn't know if I would like. Uh-Oh. He said that a girl in one of his classes woke up that morning and found that someone had dropped a puppy in her yard. She didn't want to take it to the pound for fear that they would put it down, so she asked if anyone wanted it. Nobody said anything. Finally Seth said, okay I'll take it.

Right. So we went off and bought all the puppy stuff we needed and headed to the home with Bekah to pick the little guy up. We got there and found out it was a pit bull puppy. Now I know that there is a lot of controversy on pit bulls and how they really can be good dogs and all that so we played with it to see how it acted. I am telling you now, that dog was a menace already. Constantly jumping up on Bekah and no end to the biting it did. It would bite you or your clothes and not let go for nothing. So we decided after Bekah was crying and running away from it that it would not be a good dog for us. But we had bought all the puppy stuff so we headed to the nearest dog pound to see if we could rescue another dog while sending that one in. There we found little Maggie. She is a cross between a beagle and a labrador retriever. She was sweet, didn't bite, and Bekah loved her. So we got her.

It has been a hard journey already just trying to get her potty trained and now we need to build a fence. But the kids love her and get a kick out of playing with her so it is worth it. I think.

Lincoln showing me some stick he found. I just thought it was cute him going all cross-eyed and all.

Here is Bekah on Easter with the cute dress that Grandma Joyce made her. Thanks mom cuz she didn't like any of the dresses I tried to buy her!

Here is Lincoln in his "Steve" shirt as he likes to call it. Steve off of Blues Clues for those of you unsavvy with kid shows!

After church they had a big Easter egg hunt for the kids and let me tell you, I have never seen so many eggs. We still have a huge bowl full of candy! It was a bigger haul then at Halloween!

Lincoln finally gave up with plenty of eggs still to be found!

That is the latest news with us. Happy late Easter to everyone! And may you all find it in your hearts to save those poor puppies and kitties at the pound. Okay maybe not but at least we did our share.


Anne said...

Maggie looks cute! How tall is she going to get? I think it is kind of comical that you finally get Bekah potty trained just in time to start potty training a dog!! Have fun!:)

Jen Howick said...

I just wrote you the longest comment and it didn't go through! ugh! Anyway, you're puppy is super cute and your kids are, always!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute! So fun and welcome to the world of dog ownership! See you in a few weeks!