Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ella Antics

Ella is at the cute little age of two and I love watching all the new things she comes up with. Here are some pictures of her in all her cuteness.

She wanted to be like Lincoln as he left for school with his backpack on. She wore it all day with toys inside.
And did some yoga with it too.
And of course watched T.V.
Here she is with her favorite toys. Usually she is found at her window sill playing but today it was the bench.

Oh yes we see you cute girl with the crazy hair you won't let me do!


The Howick Family said...

Kaitlin went through the backpack phase too.. it's so cute! Your kids are adorable!

Anne said...

Hey Jenn, weren't you into playing with animals too? Like mother like daughter! I am glad she doesn't have the terrible twos like Trevor.

Jenn said...

Oh she has the terrible twos alright, she just doesn't have the big house like yours to draw all over on!!