Saturday, March 28, 2009

See Animals?

Since the last time we went and fed the animals at Morningside Park, Becca asks all the time if we can go "see animals?" Seth was out of town this weekend presenting a paper in California so I took the kids to feed the animals again and remembered to bring my camera this time! They love it so much, and I don't have to chase them down as they run in opposite directions like at the park! So it works to our mutual satisfaction.

What I wouldn't give to live in place like this with the forest as my yard!
This young jersey cow was very friendly.
And he really liked scratching his head on Lincoln's shoes. Linc did NOT like it!
Isn't this the coolest picture!

Then they got to feed the cows some hay.
Becca was a real pro.

Then they fed the chickens some corn. When we first got there, we went to see the chickens and there is one beautiful rooster in there. Ella got real close to them and all of the sudden the rooster cock-a-doodle-dooed and she got so scared she jumped back and started crying! Those roosters sure can be loud!

That was our trip to the farm. Can't wait until Daddy gets home!

On a random note, I found the kids in Becca's crib the other day. They had filled it all with books and then sat in there and read them! Makes a mother proud!


The Howick Family said...

what fun pics - so is that place you visited like a Wheeler Farm type of place? Cute pics of the kids in the crib with all the books! I love moments like that too!

Anne said...

Hey Jenn, I seem to recall a picture of you and Nate in his crib together! It looks like they had fun reading!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Abbie wants to go to the farm too! Can she come next time?!

Jenn said...

Yeah, just bring Abbie along!! It is a lot like Wheeler Farm there in Murray but not so big and you get to feed the animals at feeding time. The kids sure love it though!
Anne, wasn't that the picture I also stole Nate's bottle? Ha!

Janene said...

Look at that book fest! I love it.

I can't believe that cow picture! It is perfect. :o)

Tom and Alison said...

Seriously - that photo of Link and the cow should be on the commercial for that place! Congrats on your upcoming move to Nashville!