Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ravine Gardens

This last weekend, we went to Azalea Days at the Ravine Garden State Park in Palatka. It's about halfway to the beach so we stopped on our way there. It was beautiful!

Lincoln got to be a fireman for a few seconds. For some reason he wouldn't look up at us.

Becca got a balloon.

Link got a sticker on his head.
They also had this fun blow up toy that they loved jumping in! Who wouldn't love that!

They even had a whole trail of azaleas you could walk under.
And mom I had to get a good picture of some Azaleas for you!
As if we didn't have enough beach pictures, here are some more!!
Here is Ella in her cute new swimsuit!

She still loves feeding those birds.

Not sure what Link is doing.

Daddy tried to go catch Mr. Krabs for the kids as he was scurrying past our legs in the water, so he took one of the kids' buckets to get him. When Becca saw him take it, she freaked out and ran after him crying for her bucket (that she wasn't using). He tried a couple of times to sneak off with one but she was watching him like a hawk!

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